Friday, July 17, 2009

"Every pictures tells a story, don't it?"

Dear Friends and Family~
We are ultimate slackers!! I've been super-lazy with our blogging and I haven't been very consistent about keeping up with what's going on with our lives. I am sorry. We have had a wonderful summer....busy and much so that I have a hard time putting it all in to words. I guess I've written 10 blogs in my mind since April but it's all old news by now. So I thought I'd do a Picture Blog of our summer. I mean, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? So here ya go....

We ended spring and started summer with Cajes playing t-ball and graduating from his preschool program at His Kids. T-ball was really cute but a little boring for Cajes. It's hard for him to concentrate in the outfield for that long--but he did his best and picked lots of grass and clover. He enjoyed playing in the dirt more than playing baseball. Preschool graduation was an event only to be summed up by watching the video. In hindsight it's funny--but at the time it was confusing and a little uncomfortable to watch.

We planted a garden in May which takes a lot of work!! We've played with lots of bugs and spent many a night this summer catching lightening bugs but they sure are hard to get a picture of...
We've watched things bloom and fade away....

And some things just keep standing....weathering every storm.
We've been to a wedding and some funerals
bringing a close reminder of the sanctity and brevity of life and love.

I was very, very, very lucky to land a ticket just a few hours before the Phish show here in Asheville. This was completely unexpected and AWESOME!! I had been wishing, hoping and praying that someone would have an extra but they were scarce. People waiting outside were willing to trade 5 Knoxville tickets and cash for an Asheville ticket....really! It was an exhilarating way to start a week long vacation!!

The day after Phish we began our journey to Miami to visit Ted, Jack, Sally & Connor. We spent over a week there and had so much fun!! This trip was long overdue--as we don't get to spend as much time with them as we'd like --so we cherish these moments. It's hard living so far apart from people you love and want to share every day moments with. It was a wonderful trip (despite sun poisoning the 13+ hour car ride with a four year old).... and we all had a hard time readjusting to life in the real world when we got home.

Uncle Ted took us to the Everglades to an Alligator Farm where we got to pet an alligator...and actually had a close encounter with a wild alligator that wasn't part of the show. He came out of the woods and tried to slide in behind the bushes where we were standing in this picture. Not cool at all.

I love this picture of Connor!!
Uncle Ted cools off Cajes' feet from the smoking hot sand.

Cajes making biscuits with grandmama on our trip back through to Asheville--


We went to the one-and-only Annual Allison Family Reunion at the end of June where we almost started some real fireworks....Cajes had a minor altercation with another little boy causing the little boy to fall down a very steep hill. This led to his grandma finding me and saying "Is that your little boy running around in the plaid shorts??" and I said "Yes ma'am..." She leans in with her thick smelling layer of Avon mixed with blue hair dye and said "Well....I'm not 'tattling' on him--BUT.....he pushed my grandson down that bank out there on purpose." Needless to say we apologized but her grandson was only two and didn't need to be climbing on that steep bank anyway. My Aunt Carol told Cajes not to worry about it and any time someone gets in his way "just to move 'em over."

Things quietened down when the Bingo cards came out....people were excited about the $10 Hardee's cards and forgot all about Cajes acting like a normal four-year old.Cajes did go in the church and ask God to forgive him for "accidentally" pushing the child down the hill. No, I didn't force him to do this. He offered, hoping it would make it all go away so he could get back to playing on the bank. I had to take a picture of it of course.

After the reunion we went down on Carol and Sam's land.....Cajes played in the mud and pond as Carol and I took a ride through Bear Holler to look for signs of recent bears. They have had a mama and her two cubs eating there just that week--and for those of you who know me well--you know that would just make my day to see a bear.
One thing I love about summer the most is all of the tailgate markets and fresh flowers, fruits and veggies available. If we don't have it in our own garden--we can find it there. I think the colors of fresh vegetables are just soooo pretty!!Oh I love these feet!!
We have witnessed the birth of lots of new life~
from Robins and Wrens,
Tadpoles turning in to Frogs,
and Caterpillars turning to Butterflies....

Our resident Noise-Maker!!

We went to a cookout at Heather and Keith's house for the 4th of was laid back, fun and entertaining. The kids played in the kiddie pool and made a mess with bubbles while we feasted!! Great fun for the kids and a little fellowshipping for the parents.
Oh My God!! How CUTE is this???


We've spent some time exploring this summer. And last week we went to Neil's Creek off the South Toe River making our way up to Mount Mitchell. The last time we took Cajes he was an infant and it was freezing. Even though he reminded us the whole way there that he remembered it we know that was unlikely, unless he has supernatural forces. He loved it this time and was able to understand the point of it....(no pun intended).
Cajes was invited to Vacation Bible School and he LOVED it of course!!
He went every day and thought it was awesome!! He sang and danced in front of people with no reservations or insecurities.

Cajes and Elijah
Friends Forever



Jessie said...

love this post. all the pictures are beautiful. my favorite is maybe cajes swinging. you capture things beautifully. love the new layout too.
cajes praying is just too sweet. the look on his face. such sincerity.

Angela Mea Corbin said...

This is GREAT ! REALLY love it!