Saturday, October 11, 2008


Cajes started real preschool this week... No more of the 1/2 days, a couple of days a week or month.... Nope! This is the real dealio. Already working on his vowels and the consonants b, l, and t.... Sound like something I love.

"See my name!"

"Scissors, I really like scissors!"

Well, he loves it! Especially having his name on the table where he sits. A tangible way to identify his commitment to this big endeavor for a four year old who is very comfortable as well as used to Mamaw's House of Love.... Now he's thrown in to coloring with specific crayons, singing vowel songs, having chapel on Tuesday, Show-n-Tell day on Wednesday and practicing writing and identifying letters, learning to read and write numbers, as well as practicing phonics and story retention. We think he loves it. The first day I went to pick him up he threw his hand to his hip and announced "what are you doing here so early?"....but it was time to go. So that's a good sign I guess. Anyway---we'll keep ya posted on what he learns.....

Concentrating on building a Silo (what else?)...