Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ordinary Moments

I am an artist at heart and have a deep affinity for taking photographs. I don't know if this comes from some distorted childhood thought that if I took a picture of "whatever" then it couldn't be taken away from me. I didn't have early sibling rivalry that kept me wondering if someone might take something of mine. I always remember having a camera. I guess along about high school and during my college years --as well as the big gap in between--I really fell hard in to documenting events and chapters of my life. From family events to Phish shows...anything. I was even snapping pictures waaaaaay before I could afford a digital camera, and was still paying for 36 pictures to be developed when I may only like one or two of them. So, I have to say the digital camera has been one of the most revolutionary inventions since sliced bread and it is by far my prized possession, for sure. Beyond significant events I enjoy taking pictures of just haphazard and ordinary moments. This week we were at the lake with my parents and I was able to get some great shots. Some of family and some of just randomness. (We do have a whole album of my niece Mila's 3rd Birthday Party at the zoo posted on MySpace and Facebook and they will hopefully make it on here eventually--for now here are my favorites minus the zoo pics.)

Cajes says: "here mom-mom, I got you some 'oaks'."

Cajes drinks from the Gator pool.

Ben and Cajes go 'round & 'round

Mila and the not-so "Itsy-Bitsy Spider"

~The Family Unit~

Some of my favorite shots are below:

Bird on a Wire

Signs of Summer

Shannon and the Dandelion

Make a Wish

Shannon & Mila

Don-Don's Garden

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Jessie Francis said...

love these pictures sonia. particularly the berries, the bird on a wire, and the red potatoes.